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17 - 18 Seat Canterbury Minibus Hire

Minibus Hire Canterbury is a major stake holder in the minibus hire industry in the town. We are the market leaders and we are known to lead the trends and others follow. We have been in the business for several years which has given us experience in providing cheap minibus hire with driver services.

Minibus Hire Canterbury has perfected the art of being reliable and very effective. This has been very important in growing our business. We even at times go out of the way to make sure that our customers get the very best service to our customers as well as giving them value for their money. We have expert drivers, engineers and support staff whose main role is to ensure that our minibuses are in good shape and our customers are comfortable.

We have heavily invested in 17-seater minibuses that are drawn from brands like Mercedes, Renault, and Ford. These are very well known minibus brands that ensue there are no breakdowns while the customers are in transit. The minibuses are very spacious and have luggage compartments that ensure that you luggage get to the final destination intact.

Customers who would like a slightly bigger minibus can use our 18 seat minibus which is readily available for use. Our engineers work around the clock to ensure the minibuses are maintained regularly and are ready for use any time. The minibuses are very clean on the inside and come with very comfortable reclining seats that are adjustable.

In order to be successful in offering cheap minibus hire with driver services we have invested in having our very own 17-seater minibuses and 18 seat minibuses. This has many advantages like being able to serve very large groups of clients at the same time. We are flexible with our schedules and we are able to take in last minute orders from our customers.

We offer airport transfer services to our customers and we also cater for the needs of tourists and business travellers. We ensure that we take any of our customers to any destination of their choice within the town as well as the town environs. The minibuses are able to go over any terrain which is a great advantage since we can take our customers to any destination of their choice.

Every traveller understands the need for a reliable partner when they travel to whichever destination. We at Minibus Hire Canterbury have ensured that we are reliable and very effective in how we handle our customers. This has really paid off and we have a large customer base of customers. These customers are our advertising strategy since they keep recommending us to new customers. This has really helped us in reducing advertising costs.

If you are planning to visit the town of Canterbury then you need to make your plans well in advance especially if it your first time visits. These preparations include booking of flights as well as booking of hotels. This needs not bother you much since we offer complementary services to our customers. This includes booking of hotels and any form of accommodation the customers may need. We also book flights on behalf of our customers. Since we are on the ground we are able to get you the very best accommodation as well as ensure that you travel using the best airlines.

To book for these world class cheap minibus hire with driver services and enjoy a ride in our classy 17-seater minibuses and 18 seat minibuses from Minibus Hire Canterbury simply get in touch with us.

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